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Dance means total commitment

The National School of Dance is devoted to training well-recognized dance artists and instructors; it offers professional-level courses for adults, as well as preparatory courses for children wishing to encounter dance and continue on to professional- level studies. In addition, as part of our mission to offer comprehensive training, our School conducts educational seminars.

The philosophy of our school

• Ongoing research on theory and practice in the art of dance.
• Being committed to quality

These are the fundamental principles comprising our philosophy at the National School of Dance, making it a concrete educational institution which guarantees to provide our students with:

• Instruction based on recognized dance systems of classical and contemporary dance.
• Experimenting through use of new techniques.
• In-depth education on many levels.

We believe that the art of dance calls for imagination, creativity, full control and extensive knowledge of the body, being cultured in the arts and history, staying in touch with current affairs, as well as constantly reevaluating, researching and evolving. These are the values we instill in our students of whom we feel proud for their outlook toward art, and toward life itself.

Levels of studies

The National School of Dance has been distinguished as an educational institution for higher studies in dance, in Greece, offering both professional and pre-professional programs

Professional Level

Our professional-level program is available to high school graduates, ages 18 to 24, wishing to obtain university-caliber training, allowing them to become well-recognized professional dancers, choreographers or dance instructors. Admissions to this program are completed through auditions, held every September. The program is free of tuition and has a three-year duration.


Pre-professional Level

The pre-professional-level program is opento boys and girls, ages 10 to 17, wishing to prepare in order to follow dance professionally; these are in fact the students comprising the majority of our professional-level program. The program is free of tuition and has a three-year duration.



Admissions to both professional and pre-professional programs are completed after auditions held every September.

Program duration / Tuition

Attending the National School of Dance is free of tuition; we offer three-year programs;  students attend  courses on theory and practice, based on a university standards program.